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Rich Alexander Hypnotist, Speaker and Author.

Interviewed by Newspapers, on Radio & TV.
He has written books on stage hypnosis, clinical hypnosis & articles on stop smoking, weight & stress management with hypnosis. Produced video and audio programs.Make your next group meeting fun and informative with a free talk on hypnosis and its many uses.
Rich will customize the talk to your group making the topic specific to and valuable for your group. 

Rich Alexander combines speaking and entertainment to create an interactive experience for your group, providing a new perspective on topics such as mindset; communication; creating successful habits; and others. As an entrepreneur and hypnotist, Rich leaves your audience with easy to use practical tools they can put to use immediately.

In business and personal development for over 20 years. He has an ability to make topics easy to understand for your audience. He mixes information & entertainment for a fun audience interactive presentation. His presentations are fun, educational, practical, entertaining and like nothing your audience has seen before.

A Board Certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and a conference presenter in 2007 & 2010. Rich has presented hundreds of Stop Smoking & Weight Loss Seminars in 17 states & performed hundreds of Stage Hypnosis Shows including for Fortune 500 Companies. Interviewed by newspapers, on radio and TV. He is a dynamic hypnotist that hypnotizes and entertains thousands of people across America. Rich engages your audience and creates a powerful experience for your people.The presentations are informative, entertaining, audience interactive & can be customized for your group.

Want An Entertaining and Informative Talk For Your Group?
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Speaking Topics*

Get It Done, Secrets to Success – Your attendees will learn practical and proven skills on how to set goals and achieve them. Rich reveals the secrets of time management, operating at peak levels, stop distractions, maintain motivation and persistence till success is achieved. 20 to 45 minutes*

Effective Communication – Knowing how to communicate is the most important skill anyone can master. Rich can provide a talk on communication skills. Reveling how to communicate with different types of people, the power of suggestion and more. 20 to 45 minutes*

Forward Thinking – What separates high achievers from others? It is not talent or education. It is in fact, their ability to imagine their future as they want it to be. You too can learn this ability to shape your own future. 20 to 45 minute*

Live the Life of Your Dreams – You will learn how to create the life you want. Thru practical strategies and techniques to increase self confidence, self esteem, relieve stress and eliminate bad habits. Motivate yourself for good health thru weight management and exercise. 20 to 45 minutes*

*Individual Results Vary

Some Past Audiences
United Way
Martin County HR
National Guild of Hypnotists
Toastmasters International
The Chateau
Martin County High School
Port St. Lucie High School
Men’s Club at the Cascades

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