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Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Have you lost weight only to gain it back?

Do you eat because your bored?

To relieve stress or for comfort?

Do you feel out of control? 

Tired of Pill And Diets?

Welcome To The Natural Solution To Weight Control

I Know You Want to Ask…“Does Hypnosis Work?”
Here’s your Answer! This is what my clients say!

The best is all the compliments! I’m healthier, happier and 20 pounds lighter. The thing I noticed is that I weight loss_clip_image002now stop eating when I’m full! What a concept! I no longer snack as much, water tastes better and I look forward to my walks! I feel great. Karen Zabaglo, Jensen Beach

weight loss_clip_image010Florida Hypnosis is wonderful! I lost 33 pounds. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their habits. Karen Button, Port St. Lucie *

weight loss_clip_image020I love this! I’ve Lost 20, yes 20 pounds. Hypnosis is my answer to weight loss.Thank you, Donna *
I went from a size 12 to a size 4. My friends and family are amazed not only at the weight loss, but also the confidence. Hypnosis kept me on track. My appearance improved, now I feel beautiful, happy, proud and thankful. Hypnosis works for me. – Carrie, PSL *


weight loss_clip_image018I have lost 50 lbs. I can hardly believe it. I have never been able to lose any weight and to keep it off. I know with hypnosis I will eventually reach my goal. Wendy Labrecque, PSL *
weight loss_clip_image016What a difference from 6 months ago. I handle stress with a calmness that comes from within. I don’t reach for “comfort food”. I have the energy to prepare a healthy snack or meal. Karen Seaboyer, PSL *


weight loss_clip_image012Since coming here for hypnosis I have LOST 100 STICKS OF BUTTER, that’s
25 pounds and I’m telling everybody. I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years.
Linda Wagner, Stuart *

weight loss_clip_image014I lost 15 lbs. I find myself cutting portions in half and not even finishing the half I started. Walking faster and further and will continue to do so.     
Kendall White, Stuart *

weight loss_clip_image008I am delighted with this program. I have lost 12lbs. in 4 weeks! I have struggled with other programs and lost interest, this work’s!
          Judy Turner, Sebastian *

weight loss_clip_image006I have lost 9lbs. I am sleeping better, even all night which I haven’t done for a long time. I am pleased with the results of my sessions.
Delores Donn, PSL *

*Legal Disclaimer – Individual Results Vary.

All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavior change.

What to expect. At the first session I will explain how hypnosis works. Then I will hypnotize you to eat healthy natural foods, cut your portions, eat slower, exercise and drink water. At the end of the session I will prove to you that you have been hypnotized. *

Your hypnosis sessions are personalized. Every session is different. A reinforcement Hypnosis CD is included with your session. 

Will Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work For Me?
After 20 years of doing hypnosis, I know my hypnosis service works for many people and that results vary. All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavior change. Will it work for everyone no, but show me a weight loss method that does. Yet many people have used hypnosis to lose weight successfully. If it worked for them, there’s a good chance it will work for you too…. all you need is a desire to lose weight and an open mind.

*Benefits of Hypnosis to Lose Weight:
No supplements or drugs to buy
Hypnosis is completely natural
Eat grocery store food
Hypnosis is stress relieving
Improves Self Control
Improves Self Esteem
Improves Self Confidence

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Florida Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

One Session $59.99

3 Session Package $150.00

Group Rates:  2 for $50 Each – 3 for $40 Each

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