Are You Suffering Emotional Pain?

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Emotion?

Out Of Control From Fears or Worry? Feel Down, Have The Blues”?

Are You losing sleep? Relationships suffering? Job performance suffering?

Are You barking at your kids and spouse? Snapping at your coworkers?

You Are Not Alone
Everyone Has Problems, Issues and Challenges At Times

Changes in your relationships through marriage, separation or divorce. Problems with family members or in-laws also can cause overwhelming emotion.

Changes in work hours, conditions, responsibilities or trouble with the boss. Changes in finances getting a mortgage or facing foreclosure. Changes to your home life or health can be stressful.

The death of someone that you are close to spouse, family member or close friend. Naturally trigger feelings of pain and loss.

Events like these trigger emotional pain. When stressful events occur in life, we experience negative emotions and feel overwhelmed by negative emotion. That is normal.

I know what it is like to have anxiety and to be depressed. I thought it would never go away.

It’s important to remember you are not going to have these feelings forever, that feelings can be dealt with and that you can be happy again.

No matter how long you have suffered, no matter how intense the pain has been and no matter what you have been told about how long you will have it.

You Do Not Have To Suffer! You May Have Found Your Answer! You Can Ease The Pain!

Hypnosis Can Help You Heal Your Emotional Pain

You Can Relieve Stress, Fears and Beat The Blues Naturally

Often we have no clue how to resolve our emotional issues, because we just don’t know how. 

Who can benefit from this program. Any normal person that is experiencing fears, has the blues or is suffering emotional pain.

You have had the ability to control your emotions in the past but because of a situation that has come up in your life you have been experiencing out of control emotions and or strong negative emotional reactions.
I will hypnotize you, calm you down and give you techniques to manage your emotions for yourself. So that you can enjoy life and be happy again.

This is not for the person that truly does need medication. As a Hypnotist I can only help normal people with normal problems.

Most of us have not been taught or learned how to cope with lifes challenges and issues. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to cope with stress that life can create. One of the best benefits of hypnosis is that it teaches you how to calm yourself down and control your emotions. Fears and worries are always about “what if”. Feeling down and having the blues is about “it didn’t go the way I wanted it to”

Hypnosis can help you to go to sleep naturally, by relaxing your mind and body.

Let me hypnotize you to deal with stress and negitive emotions. You will learn how to control your emotions naturally using the power of your own mind.

You can have peace of mind! And it is wonderful!

* Legal Disclaimer – Individual Results vary 

Most Issues only need 1 to 3 sessions

Reasonable Fees – One Session ONLY $59.99 per
Reinforcement CD Included

3 Session Package $150.00

See if hypnosis is right for you
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All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavior change.