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Lower Your Score With Golf Hypnosis!

All the greats in golf emphasize the importance of the mind

“Your mind holds the key to your success at golf and your enjoyment of the Greatest Game of All” Jack Nicklaus *

The game of golf is 90% mental once you know the basics. The golf industry wants you to think you must perfect your swing by buying the latest clubs in order to improve your game. Most golfers work on their physical game and not on the 90%. The best golfers will tell you the most important part of lowering your score is the mental part of the game. The biggest problem in the mental part of the game is fear. Hypnosis teaches you to control your emotions and how to overcome fear.

“Can a golfer play better without practice? That’s the question we asked several of our Top 100 Teachers, and their answer was a resounding: Yes!”
Golf Magazine March 2004 pg 105 *

Hypnosis is a science of the mind, proven effective by medical and scientific research studies. Hypnosis uses relaxation and imagination to program your mind, maximizing your performance on the course. Due to the competitive nature of golf training secrets are kept quiet. Many golfers use hypnosis to improve their game, but will not mention it. You can learn to play in the zone just like a pro with personal sessions and or CD’s

“What you have heard about me is true. I don’t practice.”
Bruce Lietzke, 20-wins on PGA and Champions Tours. 2005 Links Letter *

Whether You are a Beginner, Accomplished Amateur or a Professional
 With Golf hypnosis you can:

Let go of fear, Relax and have fun while playing the game of golf
Stop negative thinking and self talk on the course
Overcome mental blocks & Stop self sabotage
Improve your confidence and mental attitude
Improve your performance under pressure
Control your emotions when playing with difficult people
Stay focused and Lower your handicap
Visualize successful shots
Improve your swing & Play one shot at a time
Play better in tournaments
Learn to play in the zone when stepping on the course

“The effectiveness of mental practice (MP., i.e., the imagination of performing a motor skill without overt movement) has been well documented.”
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 66.n3 (Sept 1995): pp262(6)*

*Legal Disclaimer – Individual Results Vary 

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