What Is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation. It works by using your imagination and emotions. Having a good imagination is a sign of intelligence. When hypnotized you will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful…. you will be aware and will hear things around you, it just won’t bother you. You will be in control. Some examples of naturally occurring trance are, if you are driving and miss your turn or exit because your mind is elsewhere. If you read a book or play on the computer and don’t realize how much time has passed, you have been in a trance state. If you see people with a blank stare, zoning out or you find yourself zoning out, that is a naturally occurring trance. Every normal person is already doing hypnosis, you just are not calling it hypnosis. That’s why I know if you are willing to cooperate and follow my instructions, I can hypnotize you and help you achieve your goal.*

How many sessions will I need? Everyone is different and it depends on the individual. Many issues can be resolved in 1 to 5 sessions with most people.*

Can I Be Hypnotized? If you have never been hypnotized you don’t know what it feels like and probably wonder if you can be hypnotized? Everyone can be hypnotized. You pass thru a trance state when you go to sleep or wake up. It is a learned behavior, the more you practice it the better you get at it. Repetition is the mother of all learning. After the first session I will prove to you that you have been hypnotized.*

* Disclaimer – Individual Results vary 

Hypnosis Quiz

How Well Can I Be Hypnotized? 

Getting hypnotized is a natural process that we experience every day of our lives a minimum of 7-10 times through our environment.  We experience a state of hypnosis every morning when we are waking up and every night as we drift off to sleep.  Everyday people get hypnotized by the television, advertisements, from songs on the radio, and even while driving their car.  The question isn’t if you can be hypnotized.  You definitely can and have been thousands of times in your life.  The real question is how receptive you will be and how deeply you will experience hypnosis?  Before taking the quiz to see how well you can be hypnotized, I wanted to point out a few things.   

First, everybody can be hypnotized because everyone is suggestible.  Suggestibility is not to be confused with gullibility.  Gullibility is believing something ridiculous.  Being suggestible is having the ability to learn positive and beneficial things, and then implement them into your life.  However, just like in school there is a varying degree of a person level of suggestibility.  To be highly suggestible is a great thing because it gives you the ability to make positive changes and improvements quickly instead of struggling to move forward.  Hypnosis helps because it increases a person’s level of suggestibility to create success in a particular area of life.  

Next, the people who typically make the best hypnotic clients are people who are of average intelligence or above, have the ability to focus their mind, and can follow simple step by step instructions.  It is very easy to be hypnotized and the people with the most powerful, creative, and focused minds tend to do the best.  

Finally, the test you are about to take really isn’t a test but more an assessment of your level of receptivity to using your mind in this way.  Getting hypnotized is a skill that can be developed by everyone, not a gift.  Just like learning any new skill or behavior the more you do it the better you will get.  In no way is this quiz an end all determiner of your ability to get hypnotized.  Remember this is a natural function of our minds proven by science so the more you develop this skill the more you will reap the benefits.


  1. While reading, I get lost in a great book:   A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. I get songs stuck in my head:     A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. I drive to familiar places on auto-pilot:   A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. I find myself daydreaming:   A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. I cry or express emotions during movies:   A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. You are most comfortable traveling in a:   A.) PLAIN      B.) TRAIN          C.) YOUR OWN CAR
  1. People describe me as a creative person:    A.) OFTEN     B.) SELDOM     C.) RARELY
  1. How long does it take to fall asleep:
  1. If you close your eyes and imagine a loved one, how well can you visualize them?
  1. Imagine a proud moment from your past, how well can you re-experience the emotions:


Scoring your quiz is very simple:   A = 10    B= 5    C = 1.
Add up your score and read your report below…

55-100: You have an outstanding mind, an excellent imagination as well as have the ability to relax and let go. This makes you a natural at getting hypnotized and you are a person who would benefit tremendously from hypnosis sessions. I would highly encourage you to consider hypnosis as a primary method of making improvements in your life because you have the ability to transform things very quickly with this tool. Also, I would encourage you to learn self-hypnosis and develop this aspect of your mind. It will empower you giving you the ability to actively take control of your mind and more importantly your life.

26-54: You have a great mind, but tend to be on the analytical or controlled side. If you allow yourself to suspend your analytical approach during your hypnosis session then it would make it much easier for you to achieve greater results. I would highly encourage you to learn self-hypnosis and work on developing the creative side of your mind. You will find that it will enhance your work, your ability to achieve goals, and improve any aspect of your life. Here are some tips that would help you during your hypnosis experiences. First, allow yourself to have a more open mind and trust in the process. Let your analytical mind take a break and enjoy absorbing positive information. Second, give yourself permission to let your imagination take over your mind for awhile just like you did so often as a child. The more you let yourself get into the experience the better the results you will achieve.  

0-25: Your mind is very controlled and analytical, however like all people you can still get hypnotized and enjoy the benefits. It just might take a little longer for you to learn to let go and develop proficiency with this skill. I would suggest working with a competent professional at first so they can teach you how to get into the process. Then begin to learn self-hypnosis to continue to develop once you had a few experiences with someone you trust and respect. Here are some tips that can help you benefit the most from a hypnosis session. First, understand that you never lose control when you are hypnotized. A hypnotist is simply guiding you into a state of mental receptivity and then providing positive suggestions to help you succeed. Second, since your analytical mind is great at following instructions, understand that to get hypnotized all you have to do is follow simple step by step instructions which you can do very well. All you have to do is give yourself permission to follow them and get into the experience. Finally and most importantly, instead of analyzing the process and whether it is working or not, put your attention on finding the positive suggestions that you find beneficial. Use your analytical mind to your advantage by making it a good finder in the process. If you do this then you will find yourself benefiting much more for all your hypnosis experiences.  

Hypnosis is easy, it works and you can do it!

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